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Top 5 Fitness Tracker in 2018 You Can Buy Right Now


In 2018, fitness is no longer a hobby, it is a lifestyle. Lately, there has been an upsurge in the number of people engaging in various fitness activities be it running, brisk walking, hitting the gym, swimming and what not. Not only people want to stay fit, but they also want to see how much they are sweating, the effort they are putting vis-à-vis their peers in particular and people around the globe in general. Fitness trackers do just the job for them. A fitness tracker is a smartwatch-like wearable which records a person’s daily physical activity, together with other data relating to their fitness or health, such as the number of steps walked, number of calories burned, heart rate, etc. There are Top 5 Fitness Tracker in the market if you are interested in buying yourself, one such tracker. We will help you choose the tracker which suits your needs the best. After extensive usage, we are listing the top 5 contenders for you. Without further ado:-

  1. Mi Band 3 – This is probably the most famous of all the available options in the Indian market due to its price. It is cheaper than most decent watches with an added advantage of superior looks and lighter feel. It is readily available at a meager amount of Rs. 1,999 on Mi’s official website as well as Amazon. It offers many awesome features like heart rate monitor, step counter, calories burnt counter, total distance walked, battery life, and of course time. It is highly customization once synced with the Mi-Fit app. It shows your stats plus the stats of all the people who use such wearable. It rates you on a percentile basis. Cool, right? It has a 110 mAh battery with a battery life of about 20 days. There are many more activities that can be monitored using this band like sleep, cycling, skipping, etc. You can answer or reject calls from the band directly, read whole Whats App and text messages on the band; whoa. The idle alerts make sure you don’t rest for too long and remind you to take a light stroll. It is 5 ATM water resistant, which means that it is resistant to water even when immersed up to 50 meters. You can go for a swim wearing this, without having to worry about water ingress. Great pick, we must say. (Only to let the readers make a more informed decision, there is a low-cost version of this band available – the Mi Band HRX edition, which is available at Rs. 1,199, but it does not have the heart rate monitor, bummer!)

2. Fitbit fitness trackers – Fitbit has a vast range of fitness trackers, varying widely in prices. The Fitbit trackers are one of a kind – with features that no other fitness band offers – it uses PurePulse™ technology measures pulse rate constantly while working out, storage for keeping songs, Bluetooth wireless headphones connectivity and much more. High-end Fitbit bands come pre-equipped with Fitbit Pay so that you can carry your wallet, without actually carrying it. If your pocket allows, we will definitely recommend a Fitbit tracker to flaunt your style and boost your fitness schedule. The only drawback of Fitbit bands is that they are very costly – especially the high-end versions – Versa, Ionic and Charge 3. If you are a quality enthusiast and want to go for Fitbit product while spending less, make sure to check out Ace, Alta and Flex 2.

3. Fastrack Reflex 2.0 – Fastrack is doing its best in carving a niche for itself in the fitness trackers market with its Reflex 2.0, the improved version of its predecessor Fastrack Reflex. It costs about the same as the Mi Band 3 (Rs. 1,995 on fastrack. in, Amazon and Flipkart). Also, it is equipped with almost all the features that are loaded in the Mi Band 3, plus some astounding features that make it stand apart from its competitors’ products. These are – scrolling notifications, read messages on the wearable, camera control – hands-free click option, and the much-awaited phone finder feature. The band also has OLED display, 10 days power reserve, vibration alarm, sedentary reminder and is IPX6 water resistant(which means you can play around with a few splashes of water but make it sure it doesn’t get too wet). This band is compatible with both IOS and Android OS. It has a secure ‘Pin’ based pairing with your phone, for better protection.

4. Apple Watch – Are you an Apple fanatic? If yes, then chances are that none of the options mentioned above caught your fancy. Well, hold your horses. As the Apple watch will do the task for you. It can do more tasks than all the options (above) combined. It offers you the liberty to answer and make calls, send and read text messages, set calendar reminders, customize your workout schedule and much more. Nike+ running, which comes pre-installed on the watch, makes sure you achieve your fitness goals. In some options, you get the option to insert a SIM card and use it as a smartphone in its entirety. Siri, the virtual assistant is pre-equipped in Apple watches, so that you can delegate tasks to it while enjoying a boisterous swim. It has the ability to auto-track activity and change to workout mode, but upon confirmation by the user. New Apple watches have a feature called “Close Your Rings”, which is all set to trigger the wearer of such smartwatch to accomplish and excel at fitness goals. One can also compare one’s fitness activity against the people they are a challenge with. Get, set, go!

5. Samsung Gear – The Samsung wearables are pretty much the same as the Apple Watch. But these have got an upper edge as this offer highly customization faces and lots of apps that can be installed on the Gear Fit 2 Pro or the Gear Sports Smart. These are also 5 ATM or 50 meters water resistant. The user can set various nutrition/calorie goals in this and track the performance all along the day. It offers more realistic suggestion like stretches that you can do while in your seat in an airplane, but doesn’t offer any stretching advice when you are driving, smart eh? It has a strap that fits comfortably with a clasp that ensures that it stays on securely, no matter the activity.

Top 5 Fitness Tracker in 2018 You Can Buy Right Now
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So, here were our suggestions on the top 5 fitness trackers in 2018 thus far. Make a smart choice based on your budget and fitness needs and goals. We wish you the best of luck getting in shape.

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