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Rylo 360 Android

The new technological upgrades bring a lot of expectations and these expectations pressurize the creators to deliver something that is beyond what the limits of the gadgets. Similar is the story of Rylo 360 Android Action Camera. It is a San Francisco-based startup by former engineers of Apple and Instagram. They first announced the 4K 360 camera featuring stabilization in the year of 2017 and on November 8, 2018, they updated Rylo with increased 5.8K resolution and a desktop editing app for Mac.

Action Camera Rylo 360 Action Camera

And by the time you will be reading the Rylo 360 Action Camera Review, there might be new features that would have added to it as since it’s release, many new features, and improved resolution has been added to it. And it is said that this may replace all the video gear if the desired features are being added to it, making it most demanded gadget.

Like any other 360 cams, Rylo records the video spherically and allows you to share the video with your friends and family by just connecting it to your mobile device through the mobile app (iOS and Android) to output the fixed-frame video. You can reframe, create pans automatically and the best feature is that you can track objects even after you had shot the video all with liquid smooth stabilization.

The quotation ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ fits accurately on the 360 camera Rylo as it captures everything around and gives you the freedom to frame or make creative decisions later to make the video more realistic. It is user-friendly and approachable, and it delivers the result that is so good with so little input that is required.

Camera Specification and Design Detail

Though it is not meant to be held in hand, as it works or delivers the best quality when it is away from the body, yet it’s size is so small that it can easily fit into the palm of your hand. It has outward-facing surfaces with matte black plastic and a continuous piece of lightly brushed aluminum that covers the camera all over from the top, bottom, sides of the camera for the sturdy feel. The small size makes it a perfect gadget to accompany you on any trip, be it the big city tours or for trekking and mountaineering.


The cameras are back to each other to make it look through one and see what is on the other side. The camera bulges out a little but the top and bottom of Rylo are flat surfaces for easy placement to keep it on the table or on the shelf.

Beside the camera on one side, is the Logo of Rylo is embossed in the black plastic and on the opposite side it has a small single-color display again beside the camera, showing the user the current battery level and the modes the user can select, whether to choose the photo mode or the video mode along with the indicator which will show how much space is left on the microSD card. The Photo mode indicates the pictures remaining and the video mode displays the minutes of video recording left.

Let’s move to the top part of the camera which has the dual function shutter release/on-off button, which can not be differentiated with its height but with two circular etched rings that make it easy to find with the help of touch when needed. The speaker can also be located on the top and the three small holes make it noticeable. Have you wondered what does the bottom part loaded of? There is a spring-loaded battery door which also has a slot for microSD card. And the side of the camera is not left ideal, it has the micro USB port to charge the camera.

There is the “Everyday Case” for Rylo 360 Android, which is a plastic frame with a GoPro mount on the bottom. The removable handle has a tripod-screw mount below the removable base cap. It can also become fully waterproof to 10 feet with a few additional accessories like Adventure case listed on Rylo’s website making the Rylo Camera Price at little more than the actual price.

Besides all the features and cases that have been mentioned, the Rylo camera comes with microSD card with a capacity of 16GB as it does not has any onboard storage and it also supports the maximum capacity of the microSD cards that is 256GB available in the market right now.

Editing & App

The three key ingredients which are in the Rylo mobile app make the editing: Point, Follow, and FrontBack easy and convenient. Let’s discuss all the three feature:

Rylo is a game-changing 360-degree

Point: In case you want someone to look at the particular area covered while filming, you can add a point by simply pressing on the screen and selecting ‘look here’ option and the video will take you in the specific direction at the specific moment. It gives you the freedom to add as many points as you want in your video making it more realistic with perfectly smooth camera moves as if the shot has been taken in that way only.

Follow: Want to be the center of attraction, this feature helps you to be one. The follow option will follow the selected object on the screen by keeping it in the center of the frame, regardless of its 360 feature. But it has a drawback too, that is, the camera loses the person being followed. For instance, if you are trying to follow someone and pressed long for the face of the person, if the person turns around, it will lose the track, but the good part is that the playback stops when something like this happens and give you time to set another follow mark to pick from where it has left off with something like jump cut or hard cut in the video.

Front Back: As the name suggests, this feature creates a picture-in-picture display or in other words side-by-side display of two angles which would be great while displaying two sides of conversations in a video, YouTube tutorial or a simple selfie taken during the vacation. Some other options along with these are easily accessible on the mobile app.

Video, Image, and Audio Quality

The Rylo offers incredibly functional image stabilization, as the video is shot in 4K and the photograph is taken in 6K, even when the camera is very shaky as if you are mountain biking. As soon as the videos and images are transferred to the phone within the app, it detects and sets the video and photo in a way where the disturbance minimizes. The video quality is the best when taking in the bright and well-lit environment, taking care of every detail but the quality of video degrades as the light dims as the images and video become more pixelated.

360 insta-one

Rylo has a microphone on both sides, beside the camera that offers decent audio quality. It can distinguishably record the audio from the outer noises. But the device does not have any external microphone using a 3.5mm jack.

Of the other gears that are similar to the Rylo, The Rylo 360 camera is more promising in delivering the detailed images as it is easy to use and quite functional than any of the other camera as it is upgraded from an action camera.

Rylo app makes the gadget easy to use and edit the video or photo offering the user the ability to Point, Follow and FrontBack so that one can choose where to look in the video, whom to follow and what to cover in the frame. The image stabilization adds smoothness by minimizing the bumps or jarring if found in the footage.

Rylo camera price is quite high except this, Rylo 360 Android is an ideal gadget for everyone.

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