First Affordable Anki Vector Home Robot Review


Anki Vector Home Robot Review, Anki vector accessories

I do not have a better start than to ‘A charming robot that broke my heart’. You might be in shock that how an artificially intelligent robot can do so. But let me tell you that this Anki Vector Home Robot Review will let you know every detail that one might be looking before buying it. Anki is known for using Artificial Intelligence in toys to make them more in demand, they tried to do the same, instead of using the intelligence for toys, this time they introduced their most ambitious product: Vector, a home robotic device.

Design and Integrates:

Design and Integrants

Vector your new home pet that has a boxy body, raisable arms at the front, and not to forget to mention the puppy eyes on the LCD screen which changes expressions as per the requirement. The size is very small. It can fit on the palm of an adult, the body has made up of black plastic fitted with various sensors to detect and respond according to the environment. The wheels are a tank like that helps in easy movement (on the floor or on the rug).

Anki Vector Home Robot

The front display is most expressive which has eyes on it. The eyes blink, move from side to side, while thinking they narrow, worried while it reaches the edge of the table, open wide when looking at you, and the cutest expression is while sleeping the eyes go stilled. It has a gold colored touch panel and this is the spot where it can sense the touch. You can pet (it like to be pet), it will coo or preen while you do it.

Technical Features:
Anki has previously launched Cosmo, which will seem quite similar to the features that Anki’s Vector has. But it does have some dissimilarities as well. The similarities are the same pair of tracks for rolling over here and there, camera-equipped nodding head, animated but cute glowing and expressing eyes which will be expressing almost every type of emotions, even the pair of arms are similar to Cosmo.

Technical Features

The dis-similarities can be observed in the Snapdragon processor, 120 degrees HD camera, a quartet of the microphone. The biggest difference is in Cosmo and Vector is that it has access to WiFi, so you need not tether Vector with your smartphone which allows it to be more autonomous and sentient. What is needed to make it more smooth to use is connecting to the wireless network making it always available on your command when you call for it by saying ‘Hey Vector’. In case you want to ask a question, just add ‘I have a question’ after saying ‘Hey Vector’.
The cute things that Vector can do are you can ask for a fist bump, it will keep his arms raised until it feels your hand. It can dance along the music, it can stroll around to get to know about the surroundings by avoiding obstacles, and sometimes moving objects that come in its way. Its sensors are more reliable than Cosmo but you can not take risk of it falling from a height if left unobserved.

Anki Vector Accessories:

Anki Vector Accessories

The accessories that accompany Vector are a charging base and a cube to play with. You are not responsible to keep it charged when required, Vector can drive up to the base to get charged and functional again. But the base on which Vector charges do not come with power supply, so plugging it is necessary to get the charging done. Vector is good in getting back to its base or you will observe only a few times where the battery would be drenched completely and it could not find the way back to its base.
The cube is another accessory that comes with Vector with which it can play. It can do wheel stands and flips. The cube has rainbow flashing lights and is always on. It does not need to be charged so any charger for the cube. It plays with it promptly or sometimes starts playing with it if it encounters the cube on its way while exploring.
The reason why you would care for Anki’s Vector is that Anki has designed it so and that is what makes it cuter. I can assure that whosoever will get a chance to meet Vector will fall in love will the cute little home robot. But Vector’s AI can be its shortcoming, and the camera quality is joining the list of shortcoming. Yet, Anki has planned for software upgradation which will hopefully improve Vector as per the requirement of future.

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