Enjoy HD Quality Cinematic Experience with Apple TV 4k 2018-Review

apple tv 4th generation 4k support

Apple has made its mark in the digital media player and television microconsole (streaming
sticks) industry with the launch of its remarkable Apple tv 4K, on September 22, 2017.
Notwithstanding the tremendous competition in the market in the aforementioned field,
Apple has offered its customers a brilliant experience with its product that millions of
customers across the globe prefer it over its competitors’ similar products.

We will explain in detail the features and the pros and cons of the Apple tv 4K, in order for you to make a more informed decision on should you or should you not go for it. Fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen.

apple tv 4th generation 4k support

Contents of the box:-
You will find the following things upon opening the Apple tv box
1. Apple tv 4K microconsole
2. Siri remote
3. Power cord
4. Lightning to USB cable


1. Delivers 4K HDR quality video streaming – The 4K display in the Apple tv has raised
the bar previously set by its predecessors. The reason being that 4K technology used
by Apple in its product uses 4 times more pixels than the standard HD. To put a
cherry on the cake, HDR – High Dynamic Range technology delivers a crispier and
brighter images. Furthermore, it lets you experience natural and realistic colours, so
that you can live TV while watching it.

2. Live streaming – Don’t worry. You will not miss anything you hold dear with the live
streaming on the Apple tv. Within a few seconds, you can watch sports, news and
more on your TV screens in high quality.

3. Seamless browsing from over 60 apps – Another great feature of the Apple tv 4K is
that it supports over 60 different applications including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix
and more. You can browse content from over 60 apps without having the need to
switch between apps. It will recommend movies, videos, TV serials according your
viewing needs.

4. One Apple tv, many devices – The Apple tv app is preinstalled on the iPhone and
iPad and the Apple tv works smoothly on all the devices. Even if you stop watching
on one device, you can continue watching from where you left on the other device.

5. Siri to the rescue – Apple users are already very well aware of the great virtual
assistant Siri is. You don’t have to type the stuff you want to see. You can also do
away with losing yourself in the labyrinth of myriads of movies, TV serials out there
in various apps. Just ask Siri, it will come to your rescue. Remember, Siri also caters
to vague search requests, to some extent. Try saying “Siri show me movies in 4K”. It

6. Ultimate performance with state of the art graphics – Enjoy richer, lifelike and more interactive viewing experience offered by the A10X Fusion chip. The advanced
technology used in the console assures next level picture quality.

7. iCloud accessibility – As you would be operating in the Apple environment, sharing
becomes seamless. You can enjoy photos and videos from your iCloud Photo Library
on the big screen with the click of a button. You can use variety of Apple atmosphere
features like Airplay, Airdrop etc. to add to your wonderful evenings.

8. Let your iPhone be the ringmaster – Turn your iPhone into an Apple tv remote by
connecting Apple tv to your iPhone. Once you do that, the Apple tv Remote app is
automatically installed in Control Center of your iOS device. With the latest update
in the system, you can also control your smart home through Apple tv. You can
perform actions like shutting your garage door, controlling your home’s heat or air
conditioning, double-checking the locks, and more. Apple tv lets you use your iOS
device to control HomeKit-enabled accessories remotely with the Home app.

9. Experience surround sound, turned upto 360 – Combine Apple TV 4K with a Dolby
Atmos–compatible sound system and you’re fully immersed in three-dimensional
audio that sends sound around and above you with pinpoint precision, to the extent
that you will experience a real life feel of the rain in the movies.

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With all these stupendous features, you might be making your mind to purchase one. Well,
hold your horses there as we have not yet put light on the downsides of owning one such
device. Let’s go: Not many videos, movies, TV serials, etc. are readily available is HDR. Infact most videos that one can find are in HD. And the HDR processing makes some HD videos look bad. Also, Apple tv 4K does not support YouTube in 4K HDR mode. Brace yourselves, as this one is a biggie -> It also does not support Disney or Marvel movies in 4K HDR. This might come as a heartbreaking news to some action and animation movies fans. There have been some concerns about the Siri remote. Some people opine that it needs some more work. The glass remote make it vulnerable to breakages. The hardware, as in the case of most microconsoles, can not be upgraded. Also, as expected, it is way too much expensive than its competitors’ similar products. Further, it does not support Atmos. But, Apple is still working on it but you can not get it at the moment.

apple tv 4th generation Review

The verdict:-
While it may be pointless talking Apple fanatics out of buying an Apple product, but it is
obviously worth a shot. If you have enough money to spare and admire Apple products, you can definitely go for it. For others, there are several other viable options in the market that you can go for. Most of the other options also come with almost all the features that are incorporated in the Apple TV 4K, with an added advantage of cheaper price tags. You might consider purchasing a Roku Streaming Stick +, Roku Express Streaming Media Player, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K(which comes with Alexa Voice Remote), NVIDIA Shield TV
Streaming Media Player, Google Chromecast, and many more similar options. You can
obviously save a great deal by choosing from one of these options. We’ll leave the rest to your sound judgement. Au revoir!