9 Best Health Gadgets to Improve Your Lifestyle In 2019 That Can Change Your Life


As the new year approaches, so is the time to make resolutions and set the goals and with the availability of wearable gadgets which gives us better feedbacks about what did we do in the whole day, how much calories we burnt during the day to day activity and many more. But resolutions are outdated so let us make the commitment to our body for being fit and healthy with the help of technology and Fitness Gadgets 2019. Listing the Best Health Gadgets 2019 that will not only keep a track but can also save the life.

1. Kardia Mobile: Your Personal ECG
Know what your heart say anytime and anywhere. This is how Kardia Mobile works, just Kardia Mobilekeep your fingers on the pads and in next 30 seconds get the report on your mobile. Kardia mobile is the affordable small gadget that records your medical-grade ECG and shares it on the Mobile app which can be later shared with the cardiologist. It eliminates the mess of wires, patches, and gels and helps you live your life with confidence.

2. Withings Activite Pop: Activity Tracker Watch
It seems like an ordinary watch like the wristwatches of the Withings Activite Popearlier time, the difference is that does not has any buttons, dials or LEDs yet it keeps a track of your walking, running, swimming and sleeping activities. To set this, you will need to install the respective app in either iOS or Android handset. Checking the activity level is quite easy as everything is being displayed in the app and let you know exactly where you stand for the day.

3. Fitbit Aria: Lose weight
Weighing scales let you know how much does one weighs but a smart scale takes the weighing to another level where it not only tells you how much do you weigh but it will also check the heart rate, bone mFitbit Ariaass, water percentage, body mass and muscle mass. It can also help to compare your vitals over the time and let you know if there is any major shift or any minor change. It fetches the information of accurate body mass index or in other words the BMI and let you record the body composition. It also helps you set the goals and add reminders to achieve them.

4. Withings Thermo: What’s your fever
Just when one can think of the very basic thing when one becomes ill is fever and it Withings Thermobecomes tough to keep a track of the temperature that the doctor may ask to record the fever readings. It is portable, with color-coded fever indicator and the battery can last upto 2 years. With 16 infrared sensor and over 4000 measurements, we get the accurate temperature from the core of the body. It can help upto 8 users to access their personal temperature history.

5. Firefly: faster recovery
Speeding the recovery and allowing the muscle to adapt and respond quicker along with it,Firefly Firefly increases the blood flow even when you are on rest. It effectively delivers blood and nutrients to the muscles of the lower leg which allows faster and efficient recovery after exercise. In other words, Firefly aids the recovery process.

6. Nima: Portable Gluten tester
Its portable size makes it possible to be world’s first, fastest, cheaper and usable even at Nimathe dining table which detects gluten and it comes with Nima Gluten test capsules of 12packs. It helps you see whether the food is gluten-free or not with easy to do steps like putting the food in the capsule and then into the sensor can you can check the result in 2-3 minutes. It is so small that it can fit into your palm, jeans pocket or purse. It works on a solid or liquid form of food from the restaurant or packed containers.

7. ResMed S+: helps you sleep better
It has become world’s first non-contact, fully sleep tracker, means that you need not to ResMed S+: helps you sleep betterwear a gadget, yet it will track, analyse and improve your sleep. So the question arises that how it works, so let us know that it sits beside you bed like an old fashioned alarm clock and record every movement , sleep stages, breathing by observing relaxing and contracting of chest which is connected to Android or iOS app to keep the record. And the best part, it wakes you up n the morning if you have problem waking up early.

8. Omron evolv: Lower blood pressure
Forget the old tubes that were used to measure the blood pressure but with Omron evolv, Omron evolvthere is no mess of wire, tube and the result is accurate. It is easy to use and you need not be a doctor or assistant to get the reading as with this small portable gadget you can get the result on iOS or Android app, so you are connected with it and can see the progress anywhere and at any time. The easy wrap cuff technology gives easy and accurate readings along with this, it can record the irregular heartbeat.

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9. Bioscarf: Built-in Air pollution filter
We can count it as revolutionary yet fashionable neckwear which has air filter mask that filters out 99.75% of airborne pollutants such as germs, pollen, and smoke that can cause flu or cold. The air filter can be replaced every 3 months yet these are reusable by simple hand wash. Thus making it easy and affordable at the same time. The best part is that it is fashionable, suitable for cold weather a great accessory for work, school, can be worn while traveling, cycling, riding or even walking. It provides maximum comfort, style, and warmth while protecting you from pollution.

That was the list of Health and Wellness Gadgets that will not truly but definitely help you achieve the best of your health. So, in the coming year do not compromise with your health but make a promise to possess the Fitness gadgets and make yourself well and healthy.

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